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Mantle may refer to:

  • Mantle (clothing), a cloak-like garment worn mainly by women as fashionable outerwear
  • Mantle, part of the bird anatomy
  • Mantle (climbing), a rock climbing move used to surmount a ledge
  • Mantle, a black and white dog coat colour, especially in Great Danes
  • Mantle (geology), a layer in the interior of Earth or another planet
  • Mantle (mollusc), a layer of tissue in molluscs which secretes the shell
  • Mantle (vesture), an Eastern Orthodox vesture worn by monastics and higher clergy
  • Gas mantle, a device for generating bright white light when heated by a flame
  • The Mantle, an album by Agalloch
  • Mantle Site, Wendat (Huron) Ancestral Village, in Whitchurch-Stouffville, near Toronto
As surname
  • Doreen Mantle (b. 1930), British actress
  • Mickey Mantle (1931–1995), American baseball player.