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Ho or HO may refer to:

  • Ho, Ghana, a town
  • Ho (kana), a Japanese kana
  • Ho language, a language spoken primarily in India
  • Ho people, a people primarily in the Indian state of Jharkhand
  • HO scale, a model railroads & slot cars scale
  • H? (surname), a Vietnamese surname
  • He (surname) or Ho, a Chinese surname
  • Handelsorganisation, a former state-owned retail business of the German Democratic Republic
  • Harmonic oscillator
  • Heating oil
  • Heckscher-Ohlin theorem
  • Heterotopic ossification
  • Holmium, a chemical element
  • Book of Hosea, a book of the Hebrew Bible
  • Hydroxyl radical, a molecule of one hydrogen and one oxygen atom
  • Antinea Airlines' IATA airline designator
  • Hiri Motu language's ISO 639-1 language code

People with the name

  • Don Ho, Hawaiian pop singer and entertainer
  • Godfrey Ho, filmmaker